The Wonderful World of Empathy

wonderful world of empathy black and white handshake

Empathy is that magical, almost mythical ability to not just understand but actually feel what someone else is feeling. It’s like the emotional equivalent of a superpower, minus the costume and code name. Let’s take this important moment to dive into the wonderful world of empathy–why it matters, why some people seem to have left it in their other pants, and how you can be a little less of a robot and a bit more human.… Read more “The Wonderful World of Empathy”

Why Is It Called Toxic Positivity?

While everyone chases this amorphous and loaded term, “happiness,” the truth is that it’s okay not to be happy sometimes. It’s impossible to be upbeat and optimistic all the time. It can actually do more harm than good to try. Blacking out or avoiding any negative feelings means we’re completely disregarding an entire range of emotions and invalidating them.… Read more “Why Is It Called Toxic Positivity?”